Skip's Tree Service Inc.
Tree Service in Sarasota

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 " A Cut Above The Rest "

Same Location for 25 Years

 4917 Sawyer Road  
 Sarasota, FL 34233

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 50623  
                                 Sarasota, FL 34276

About Us
   Skip's Tree Service Inc. has been
Sarasota's favorite tree service since 1974. At that time it was one of only a handful of residential tree services in Sarasota. Having so many years of experience ensures safety and professionalism on all of our jobs. We carry the proper liability insurance and workman's compensation for the working heights involved in this business. We are licensed with Sarasota county and are registered tree contractors with the city of Sarasota. 
   Skip's Tree Service promotes the health and beautification of your trees. We cover all phases of tree work  including:
* Removal of Large and Dangerous Trees
* Oak and Pine Tree Trimming Specialists
* Palm Tree Trimming with Sterilized Chainsaws
* Storm and Hurricane Preparation
* Ornamental Shaping and Hedge Trimming
* Stump Grinding and Surface Root Removal
* Condo and Apartment Complex Specialists

About Insurance
   When choosing a tree service it is important for the company to have insurance, but it is more important to make sure they have up-to-date insurance. Unfortunately, this industry attracts unethical people who practice insurance fraud. A company advertising that they are licensed and insured actually may not have either and the homeowner should ALWAYS ask for proof. This may not be enough due to fake or out dated certificates of insurance and the home owner should always check with the producer of the insurance. Tree professionals carry two types of insurance. The first is liability insurance which covers damage to structures and items on the said property. The second type is workman's compensation which covers injuries to the tree company's employees.  High risk workman's comp. is very expensive but protecting the homeowner from incurring any medical expense is priority.
Sometimes companies will purchase "landscaping insurance" which is limited to working at ground level and does not cover working from a ladder or Bucket Truck. A homeowner should check with the insurance producer to confirm proper coverage because of working heights involved with tree trimming.
Any tree job price that seems to good to be true usually is....

Condo and Apartment Complex Specialists
   Skip's Tree Service specializes in tree service work on large properties. We work very closely with property managers to understand all job details and address any concerns that may arise. The foreman and staff are very well trained and accomplish a great deal of work in a timely manner. We always leave the jobsite as clean as possible, raking up debris and blowing off roofs, driveways, and walkways.

For Your Information
   Skip's Tree Service has worked at over 10,000 homes and businesses in the Sarasota area. This includes work for the City of Sarasota, Sarasota Parks and Recreation, several management companies, condominiums, and many others. References are available upon request.We are one of a handful of  tree companies with true "tree trimmers insurance" meaning we are covered with workman's compensation and liability insurance for the working heights involved with this type of work. All of our employees are tax paying, American citizens and we do criminal background checks to ensure dependable workers. We have been in the same business location for the past 25 years and have an outstanding reputation for professionalism and great business ethics. We are truly Sarasota's favorite tree service!
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