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Proper & Improper Trimming Techniques
Palm Tree Trimming
   Palm trees should be trimmed for appearance and health of the tree. Trees should never be climbed with pole spikes because this leaves holes which allow water and insects to penetrate past the protective bark. Loose boots should be removed to keep rodents from living and breeding in your tree. Professional tree companies use steralized chainsaws to keep from spreading diseases between trees.

Oak Tree Trimming
Oak trees and slash pines should never be topped, this is basically a death sentence for the tree. It will cause sucker growth and extensive rotting to the branches. The less that is done to an oak tree the better for it's health. Cleaning out the lower half of the tree and removing lower limbs is best. All limbs should be cut back to a lateral crotch and never cut past the collar of the limb. Very young oaks can be shaped into an ornamental design, especially in cases of space restraints. Thinning out or storm proofing an oak can be done without causing health problems to the tree by removing a certain percentage of foliage, but not stripping the leaves to the end of the branches.  

Improper Topping of an Oak Tree

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